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Vidyalaya secured 30 A1 in all subjects in class X AISSE 2016

Vidyalaya secured 100% in class XII.

Master Rohith Kumar topped with  488/500 marks(97.6%) in Science Stream and Master Rohith N  topped with 487/500(97.4%) in Commerce stream.

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Innovation and Experimentation

Innovation  and Experimentation done by teachers  

 S.NoInnovation and Experimentation  Class  and Subject Learning objective initially envisaged  Learning objective realized or not Name of Innovator/ Experimenter with designation
 1 Detection of Air Pollution. VI-VIII

 To enable students to identify agents of pollution -and areas where it accumulates.

To enable students to observe the effects of air pollution in agriculture.



Students are able to identify the effects of pollution in the field of agriculture.

 Students are able to identify areas of pollution.

Students realize the source of air pollution and its harmful effects.

Smt.Emily TGT Sc

Effect of Acid rain on the germination of seeds.

 VI -VIIITo enable students to identify agents of pollution -and areas where it accumulates.



Helps students think of alternative methods to boost yield and cope with acidic soil conditions.


Smt.Jaya B,PGT Chem,

Smt Sabeena


TGT Science.




Study of Apical Dominance -in Potatoes and Coleus.


The relative effectiveness of apical dominance over lateral buds varies with the distance form tip of the stem, age of the plant and other environmental factors -this could explain the profuse branching and least or no branching in various plants.


 The students are able to observethe changes in the potted plants used as their subject study -and record relevant data such as -"Ht of the plant after a period of 5, 10, 15 and 20 days" along with the "No. of lateral branches during the same period -for both potato and Coleus.



MM Joseph

PGT (Bio)


Study the effect of any herbicide on lawn weeds.



Weeds can be removed/ controlled using certain chemicals. Synthetic auxins such as 2-4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid are specific in killing herbaceous broad leaved dicot weeds.


The students observe herbaceous broad leaved dicot weeds wilt and die on exposure to 2-4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, along with monocot plants in the same area /population under study.



MM Joseph

PGT (Bio)



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